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SuperAssets for Flickr Screencast: Here is a screencast which demonstrates the key features of…

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SuperAssets for Flickr: Upgrade Required to Continue Successful Use

Attention SuperAssets for Flickr users. Flickr is deprecating the non-SSL endpoints of the Flickr API on June 27. We created a new version of SuperAssets for Flickr that makes all Flickr API calls via SSL.

SuperAssets for Flickr Version 1.02 is now available and is required for all users to continue successfully using the plugin. In addition, it's the Flickr::API2 Perl module must be updated to version 2.08 or later. This update to Flickr::API2 is what enables SSL connections to be established.

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Update to SuperAssets for Flickr Coming to Address Flickr API Protocol Change

Attention SuperAssets for Flickr users. Flickr is deprecating the non-SSL endpoints of the Flickr API on June 27. We are working on a SuperAssets for Flickr update that will make all API calls via SSL, and expect to release it in time to make the transition.

An issue has been created in our Github repository that will be updated as we continue to work on the update, Update SuperAssets for Flickr to Access Flickr API over SSL.

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Movable Type 6.0 Released at Movable Type Idea Exchange

Movable Type 6.0 was officially released Wednesday at Movable Type Idea Exchange in New York City. The new features of Movable Type 6 appeal mainly to developers and sophisticated end users who invest in the development of either mobile productivity applications or widgets for the Movable Type Dashboard:

  • Productivity Features Aimed at Users
    • Google Analytics Integration: Easily and quickly view blog and website access statistics.
    • Dashboard Redesign: Includes the addition of the "Site Stats" widget, the Message Center, and the "This is you" widget relocatio...

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SuperAssets for SoundCloud Updated to Version 1.0

We're pleased to announce that SuperAssets for SoundCloud, our Movable Type Asset Manager extension plugin that interfaces with SoundCloud.com, has now reached Version 1.0.

This version makes the name of the plugin consistent throughout the code and the documentation, and fixes a minor user interface problem in the Add SoundCloud Track dialog.  It also changes the license underwhich the plugin is released from the BSD Two-Clause License to the MIT License.

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